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Nobody should put their physical and mental health at risk because they cannot afford the care they need.

A recent Stanford study showed 46 percent of people with medical debt have avoided getting care they need. In addition, over 40 percent of people with medical bill issues have admitted to not filling prescriptions that they need because of cost.

One person recently wrote in a complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) that their experience with medical debt collection caused feelings of depression and anxiety:

“The communications and phone conversations from [agency] have been incredibly stressful for me as a Consumer. Receiving these communications made me feel anxious, afraid, frustrated, exposed, helpless, confused and offended every time I saw their company name or logo on a piece of mail in my mailbox. … [These] attempts to collect money from me for an alleged debt that has never been validated… increased my mental stress level and anxiety. I felt embarrassed, less confident, and depressed.”

“Please consider helping in any way that you can. Your gift of time, talent or treasure does more than help pay a bill. You are helping to assure that those who need the care feel confident and comfortable that getting the care is not going to create a hardship for their family. You are assuring a working mom does not have to choose between food and medication. You are working to remove a barrier that our broken system has created.”
Steve Corbin

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